Poseable Crumbs

by Mason Mercer

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Poseable Crumbs is a collection of demos, unreleased songs, and noises/riffs that never saw the light of day, spanning from 2011-2016.

Songs included were at different stages of completion and thus quality and volume levels are inconsistent throughout the collection.Lots of the collection is instrumental: perfect for studying or for long road trips.

I am releasing Poseable Crumbs to clear my queue, cleanse myself of so much, and clear the way for whatever is next. I also wanted there to be a home for this 1hr+ of music that I poured so much of myself into.

On my computer right now are 700+ songs/demos/recordings of mine, between all my projects. I wanted to put out some of the better nuggets of this archive.

Also I thought this would be an interesting look into my writing/recording process. Many times I will record tons of demos and short versions of songs in a contained span of time (usually between trips) and then I spend time with the exports to decide which of the demos I want to turn into full songs. Additionally throughout the years I would write/record music just to practice my playing and as something fun and cathartic to do in my free time after school or between excursions.

I usually would sing about what i had been feeling around that time or that day specifically. As a result this collection serves as a journal of sorts chronicling my existence over the past 5 years.

Going back through these tracks has been a very encouraging undertaking, especially seeing how many of the things I used to sing about have now become resolved in my life. Could it be that the airing out of my inner self has had more than cathartic and creative benefits for me over the years?

Either way, I now present to you one hour and fifteen minutes of music for your examination and contemplation.

One hour and fifteen minutes of me trying to recreate the sounds in my head of playing in the neighborhood, good weather in the forest, woman's beauty in the soft light, and the pains and prospect of it all being taken from you.


released September 26, 2016

Photo by Chandler Mercer



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Mason Mercer New York

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